Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kick - OH "Bring the Fury"

Kick-OH The Fury Mixtape June 2010 by KickOH

The last time Kick-OH showed up on SBA it was a post about a deep, tribal, house mix. Two weeks ago that same DJ released a mix that will make even hard-core electro fans step back and say, "DAMN!". I couldn't believe this was the same DJ...

Just two tracks in he sets the tone with a massive Rage Against the Machine Electro Remix and he keeps the tracks hard and gritty throughout. This mix is absolutely ruthless. At times this mix made me cringe. At times I couldn't help but have a ridiculous smile on my face. At times I had both. Keep this one in the ipod for those special moments in life when you just need to release some fury.

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