Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jayou Mix for Oscillate Widley

Jayou Mix For Oscillate Wildly by JAYOU

In April, I stumbled upon Jayou's "to be Mixtape" from a Mad Decent Blog Post. This was my first official introduction to the sound of DubStep.

My curiosity has lead me to download some really bad and some really good examples of the genera. So far my favorites have been Rusko and Jayou. Part of the reason why I like both of these artist is that they tend to bend the genera to touch all kinds of different musical tastes.

Typically when I think DubStep, I hear the grimy bass drones to the same reduced speed two step beat. I know that characterization is really unfair to the genera but I can't help it. Maybe everything Jayou spins is just DubStep that I haven't been exposed to. Maybe the Genera is growing to where you can't characterize it by a "sound".

Many years ago when you said the word "Techno" people automatically heard the "utz-utz-utz-utz..." sound in their head. Now if you hear someone call a type of music techno they are either a 30-something-year-olds like myself or are brand new to electronic music and don't know any better.

Electronic music has branched so far away from the "techno" of the 90s (house, trance, drum and bass, electro, ectro-pop, idm, minimal, two-step, garage, dubstep?). Maybe Dubstep is the "techno" of this next generation. What ever you call this movement, its coming, and I am ecstatic to be along for the ride.

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