Thursday, April 22, 2010

Crystal Castles - Sometimes a girl has got to scream

I am very excited to get a sneak peak at the Crystal Castles new album "Crystal Castles (2010)". The duos second album gets released tomorrow, Friday April 23rd. The album starts with Fainting Spells and is completely off-putting. Its basically almost a three minute loop of static and distortion. Then something amazing happens. Celestica starts. It's well produced, clean, well sung, and has a brilliant beat. Then the third track Doe Deer literally rattles my speakers to the point that I am worried. More screaming... They follow that with one of my favorite tracks that they have ever done in Baptism.

At first this can be very frustrating but I get it. I am no longer a musician but I do remember the days when I was. My bands would write songs for the sole purpose of releasing angst. Why should I fault them for doing the same. These quote end quote bad tracks give them a chance to freak out one stage. Hell, sometimes a girl has got to scream. Who am I to hate on their god given right to rock the fuck out.

For now, to protect my old-ass-sensitive ears, I will be quick to press "next" on the screaming and enjoy the other brilliant 11 songs on their new EP. Hopefully I will be able to experience what those other songs were intended for live someday...

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Diane said...

I absolutely HATED Crystal Castles live at UMF 09. I was soooo disappointed. I was looking forward to them because I LOVE the 1st album. She came on stage carrying a 2/3 empty bottle of jack and basically screeched every song. I couldn't even hear the melody and didn't know which song they were on. Then after every song, they just paused for 30-60 seconds doing nothing. So while sometimes a girl, she better be able to entertain too.

BTW, I have been playing Not in Love on repeat for 2-days.