Tuesday, April 20, 2010

GURU Rest In Peace

A very melancholy throwback Tuesday today. I was absolutely shocked to hear that Guru passed away today at 43 years old. Details of his death revealed that Keith Elam has been battling cancer privately for the last two years. I know he had been admitted to the hospital a few months back but things have been quiet on the Guru front until today. I am saddened because a part of my youth just died with Guru.

Back in the early 90's I got my first taste of Gang Starr when I was 14. After I bought my first Gang Starr tape, Daily Operation, my view of the entire hip hop scene was rocked. The beats of Dj Premier spoke to me like nothing I had heard from this genera before. The smooth, witty, and unpretentious lyrics of Guru would drift my mind away. Together they were an amazing team. My heart goes out for Dj Premier who has to be feeling an enormous void today. When I hear these songs I will always remember Guru, a man who changed me musically.

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