Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jayou "to be mixed"

After that Drankenstien mix by Bird Peterson that showed up on Mad Decent I have been closely watching what those guys have been up to. I just downloaded this mix from Jayou last night. The XX "Crystalised (Dark Sky Remix)" got me interested enough to check it out and it doesn't disappoint. What I found is one of the most interesting Dub Step albums I have heard. Granted I am a novice in the genera; due to a lot of it hasn't agreed with me thus far. This one is different. There are a ton of surprises that come out of nowhere. I especially like the Dead Prez Hip Hop (Ntrld Remix) half way though. You can download this mix here or give the guys at Mad Decent some love and check out the blog piece
on Jayou.

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