Friday, May 21, 2010

The Bulgarian March Madness Mixtape

Just discovered this dude yesterday... After listening to the mix straight through three times in a row, I have overwhelming urge to share. I am absolutely loving this mixtape. Its basically chalk full of his favorite tracks and personal remixes. Its deep, its dark, and its nice and dirty. What a way to start the weekend. Enjoy y'all...

The Bulgarian March Madness Mix by TheBulgarian

Track List:

01) The Bulgarian ft. Spoek - Jack It Like a Zombie (Angel Alanis

02) Campbell - Badman

03) Loose Cannons & Anti Chris - Gypsy's Kiss

04) Musik 1 ft. Sunny Dread - RaggaJunk (Bure vs. The Bulgarian Remix)

05) Aquilaganja - Jackin Twats (The Bulgarian Jackin Remix)

06) Goeff K - I'm Fred Astair (Mathew Garton Remix)

07) Tom Piper & Daniel Farley - Airbag (Screwface Johnson Latin Rub)

08) The Bulgarian ft. A Girl And A Gun (Rocket Action Hero)

09) Adam Bozzetto - You Don't Stop

10) Blatta & Inesha - Urban Cougar (The Bulgarian's Hunt the Hunter

11) Disco Trash Music - Boulderdash (The Bulgarian Remix)

12) Nouveau Yorican - Boriqua (Douster Remix)

13) Unique 3 - Rocks The Bass (The Bulgarian Remix)

14) Act Yo Age - Song For Nona (The Bulgarian Remix)

15) Glitch ft. Tommie Sunshine - Emotion Commotion (The Bulgarian

16) Vlad Sokolov n Mini Da Minx - Frisk My Disko (The Bulgarian Remix)

17) Subeena - Circular (The Bulgarian Remix)

18) Green Velvet feat. Santiago & Bushido - Turn It Up

19) Hatiras - Spaced Invader (Nom De Strip Remix)

20) The Bulgarian ft. Spoek - Jack It Like A Zombie (Cold Blank Remix)

21) Oliver Twitzt - Gangsterdam (Nom De Strip Remix)

22) Sawgood - Teenage Blitz (The Bulgarian Dub Mix)

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