Friday, May 28, 2010

Mighty Fools - That's the Shit Mixtape 2010

This morning wasn't good. You know sometimes when you get a full night sleep but wake up dead tired anyways. That was me. Now fast forward two hours and my day has completely changed. Not only is it Friday but I just found the new Mighty Fools Mixtape! To make things better... You can actually download this one here. There isn't a dj group that makes more fun music. God, their mixes just make me happy. I am glad I am almost the only one at work today because I am bouncing around like an idiot bumpin' this mix in my own headphone world. Do yourself a favor and brighten your day by downloading this or at least previewing it here.

Mightyfools - That's The Shit Mixtape 2010 by Mightyfools

01. Uffie ft. Pharrel - Add SUV (Armand Van Helden Remix)
02. The Krays ft. Ebony Bones - We're Ready When You Are
03. Human Life - In It Together (Jaymo & Andy George Remix)
04. Duck Sauce - The Motion
05. Swedish House Mafia - One
06. Canblaster - Chicken Run
07. Sonic C - Drunk Skunk (LA Riots Remix)
08. Lucid - The Calling
09. Lady Gaga ft. Wale - Chillin (Top Billin Remix)
10. Foamo - Centavo
11. 92 Eternal - The Feeling (Luna-C Remix)
12. Sound Of Stereo - Metric
13. Missy Elliot - Pass The Dutch (Angger Dimas Remix)
14. David Guetta - Memories (Armand van Helden Remix)
15. Foamo - Movin it over here (Will Bailey Remix)
16. Mumdance - Kerplunk
17. Owl City - Fireflies (Mightyfools Remix)
18. Public Enemy - Night Of The Living Bassheads (DJ Figure Remix)
19. Black Noise - Jungle Iz Em
20. Gtronic - Suck My Lollipop
21. Mightyfools - Baguette
22. Mightyfools - That's The Shit

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