Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fare Soldi drop another hot Mixtape

Download it here:

Interview and Mix preview

Last Year I found out about Fare Soldi with the Capri Sonne Mix right before summer started to heat up. This year they dropped another crazy mix for Scion as the weather begins to turn. They are a little hard to describe in terms of genera. One thing you will find in each mix is a good amount of fun-disco-goodness or in their words "This strange blend makes what we call “Frico Disco”, a kind of sweaty heavy greasy disco music." Throw in multiple insane remixes (see ace of bass mash up at the 15 minute mark right into A-Traks Yeah Yeah Yeah's "Heads will Roll" banger - WHAT THE HELL<<<) and you got a classic Fare Soldi summer mixtape...

Enjoy :)

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