Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I was an Optimist and it paid off

To tell you truth, I was a little worried when I heard The New Young Pony Clubs newest release three weeks ago. Everything was so different. I was expecting a dancy / high speed / fun LP like the last release. The Optimist first single "Lost a Girl" embodies everything that I have come to love about this group. This is what I was expecting from the group.

By the time you get three songs in you start seeing a different side of the band. The title track, "The Optimist" has a very Joy Division-esk running bass line that drones along to a very meloncoly sounding New Young Pony Club. Saxiphones sporkatically overlay multiple vocal layers. I don't remember this sound ever.

I was so excited to bring raving reviews of The Optimist to the blog but wasn't quiet sure I even like the shift in music. Sitting in my brother apartment overlooking the beautiful Vancouver, the Optimism payed off. It took me multiple listens to the new album to realize the difference. They got away from making fun dance tracks and starting making music. That isn't supposed to be a dis to the band or artist specifically in dance music. But it is shift from emphasis on beat to equal emphasis on every element of their music. It sounds so cliche to say they grew up but I am absolutely loving the maturity that is happening to The New Young Pony Club right now.

The Optimist

They still know how to create dance music though

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