Monday, November 29, 2010

Brandon Benson and The Posies's Thanksgiving Lessons

The Posies and Brandon Benson was the last concert I went to before heading home to see the family. It was the last place I ever thought I would learn a Thanksgiving Lesson. After the third song the Posies played, their lead singer stopped the set. "I want to point something out to all of you..."

Brandon Benson

At this point my heart stopped in mid-beat. The entire first part of the set, he kept looking my direction. I always wondered what musicians think of people like me filming them on stage. I started thinking to myself, "Brent, you are finally going to find out..."

The Posies

He continued, "You all may of not noticed but this lady in the front row [directly in front of me] has been singing every single word of both Brandon's set and ours. I just wanted to let you know that is amazing and the reason that we keep playing music for people like her." He continued to interview her from the stage and continued to thank her for being a fan and coming out.

There were probably less than 100 people in the entire place but that one person made an impression on The Posies. After a career that spanned all the way back to the 80s, I felt that in just those few moments I was experiencing something special and reflective for the band. They could of sold out the Phillips Arena but I truly felt that Bebe in the front row singing her heart out to every song would mean more. Walking out of the Posies I was reminded to be thankful for anyone and everyone who supported me along the way. The Holiday Season is the perfect time to let them know.

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