Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Reset! - If we try (Love Anthem) - Broke One Remix

Reset! - If We Try (The Love Anthem) (Broke One Remix) by Broke One

I absolutely adore the original of this song. After hearing it for the first time, I immediately went out and bought anything Reset! related that I could find. I ran across a remix of this club anthem from last year remixed by Broke One. He totally flipped the script on the remix. The original was a glitched out hardcore elctro banger. This Broke One remix has got swag for days.

If you are a fan of Reset!, I stumbled upon this June Mix that slipped past me. If you like the sounds of Broke One, make sure you check out his Soundcloud page for exclusive remixes and his killer mixtape he did for Too Many Sebastians. Enjoy.


Drew said...

Followed this link from the Souncloud page and noticed that you live in Atlanta. WHERE can I find music like this Atlanta? I recently moved here and am not a big fan of the dubstep, DnB, or trance that I hear played.

SBA said...

the masquerade has all kind of electro shows like holy ghost march 28th. Check out mjq's sloppy seconds shows and the fuck yessssss dance parties. those are good places to start.
- sba