Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Midland - Fact Mix 185

Its been a while since I posted a Mixtape up here. Its not like I have been running into a bunch of great mixes and not sharing with y'all. To tell you the truth I have been only been listening to one mix lately and it has been this Midland joint. I really, really love the vibe on this one. The track selection is diverse enough to keep your guessing but each track is similar enough to work together to make a complete sound.

If you got time, take a few minutes to read the Fact Mag Interview linked below. This young cat from Leeds is doing big things in the English music scene. I expect to hear him state side shortly.

Midland - Fact Mix 185 - Sept' 2010 by Midland

Go here for the full FACT MAG INTERVIEW

Tell us about your FACT mix…
“I think a mix set and a club mix are two very different things and I
think a recorded mix is a chance for you to tell a story and include
more tunes that perhaps you wouldn’t be able to in a club. Some of my
favorite mixes, like the second disc of Joris Voorn’s immaculate
Balance CD or Ewan Pearsons And So To Bed mix both start somewhere
deep and weird and take you through the paces. The idea with this mix
was to try and plot a line through all the bases of my collection,
starting with the slower more eclectic stuff and eventually ending on
what you’d see me playing in the club.

1. Boards of Canada – Corsair - Warp (Hyde park field recording)
2. Matthew Dear - Honey - Ghostly International
3. Midland feat. Anywayawana – Hub – Unreleased
4. Al Green – Truth n time – The Right Stuff Records
5. Space Dimension Controller – BBD Alignment – Royal Oak
6. Boards of Canada – Olson – Warp (Midland Re Edit – FACT Version)
7. Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy (Nellee Hooper Instrumental
Remix – Midland Rearrangement) – Wild Bunch
8. Ron Deacon – Untitled B2 – Workshop
9. Rainer Trueby – Ayers Rock – White
10. Loot – Dollkraut – Doppelschall Records
11. Roberto Rodruigez – I Got – Forthcoming Fina Records
12. Washed Out – You’ll see (Midland Re- edit) – Unreleased
13. Archie Bronson Outfit – Chunk (6th borough project remix) – Domino
14. El Txef A – She Kissed Me first (Minilogue Hypno Remix) –
Forthcoming Hypercolour
15. Mathias Kaden – Kawaba (Dj Koze’s Kosi-san Remix) – Vakant
16. Adultnapper & Big Bully – Low point on high ground – Simple
17. Sideshow – Scary Biscuits (John Tejada Remix) – Aus Music
18. Midland – Dead Eyes – Forthcoming This is Music
19. Terrence Dixon (Arnaud Le Texier remix) – Change – Children of
20. Ramadanman & Appleblim – Void 23 – Forthcoming Aus Music
21. Midland – Shelter – Forthcoming Aus Music
22. Kerri Chandler – Fortran (Argys Legendary Bonus Beats) – Deeply
Rooted House
23. Caribou – Sun (Midland Remix) – Unreleased

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