Monday, November 1, 2010

Matt & Kim - Side Walks

Exhibit One:

Exhibit Two:
Matt & Kim - Block After Block by smithblogsatlanta

Exhibit Three:
Matt & Kim - Red Paint by smithblogsatlanta

Now after those three exhibits of greatness, you should either A) jumping to concert list and crossing your fingers that these two haven't already played in your town or b) buy the album by finding $7 in the cracks of our couch or in your jeans pockets while doing laundry.

I won't lie to you and tell you that Matt & Kim have done something revolutionary in their third release. They didn't add band members. They didn't add strings or guitar or some crazy shit like that. They kept to what has made them so widely popular.

Great percussion from Kim. Fun synthesizers and melody from Matt. Energy for days. Songs that make you want to dance in the living room by yourself with the blinds drawn. For fans of the band, you will not be disappointed. For new comers, if the two songs above remotely interested you, all the music on the new album holds up to that same integrity. There are no throw aways with this one.

I have had "block after block" posted for only a few days on my soundcloud page and it has already received 1/4 of my total plays. That is incredible. Each time I see the band, more and more people are singing every word. This year is their first headlining tour and from the videos I saw at the masquerade, they packed the place. Next year when they come through Atlanta they will be filling the Tabernacle.

The thing about Matt & Kim, you can't help but fall in love with them when watching them live. My mouth literally hurt from smiling so much the first time I saw them. They genuinely love playing and you can tell by watching them live. That same love permeates through their music. It is this love that continues to build fans at an incredible rate. I hope through this post that I can help them gain another. They deserve it.

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