Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Evolution of Boom Bip

I first started listening to Boom Bip years ago. I had heard only good recommendations about this guy from various people. People said he sounded like Guillermo Scott Herren aka Prefuse 73, Piano Overlord, Savalth & Savalas, and Delarosa and Asora. In 2000 I was obsessed with the genius of Herren. I still am a huge fan to this day. There is a very special blend of the Hip Hop culture and electronic music that makes his music unique.

I hear many of those same qualities in Boom Bip. He originally started his career in the underground Cincinnati Hip Hop scene. His early work even included a collaberation with Dosone. Here is a track off their Circle album back in 2000.

From here, Bryan Hollon (Boom Bip) started a solo carrer where he began expirementing with electronic music. This is the first video off his debut album in 2002, Seed to Sun.

Three months ago I saw his new EP on Because I have always been a fan I downloaded The Sacchrilege EP right away. On my first listen I was so taken back by what I was listening too. Boom Bip has gone electro. Honestly, he sounds at home playing this genera. It was upbeat and I couldn't help myself from moving around. What an change in 8 short years.

The plot thickens. I was doing a little research for this blog on his record label, Lex Records and the evolution continues. Boom Bip has started a new band with vocalist Gruff Rhys called Neon Neon. Where the Sacchrilege Ep was Electro dance music, Neon Neon is a full out rockin' electro band. I have enjoyed the little that I have heard. Lucky for us, the debut album is being released in a week. March 18 in the United States. The UK gets a preview a day early on the 17th... You can get your preview now. I hope you enjoy the first single.

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