Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The softer side of Hot Chip

Since Hot Chip has released their new album, “Made in the Dark” they have been doing mad promotions. My girlfriend came across a live set that I have NEVER seen them do before. For spinner.com they were interviewed and preformed live. Acoustic! No programming, no drum machines, no sampling, just 4 of the five members doing an acoustic set.

For those who haven’t heard of Hot Chip, this is a nice way to get acclimated. When you stip the group down to bare essentials, they are really very talented musicians. To produce the intricate electronic music they make they have to be above and beyond that. It was really refreshing to see this side of Hot Chip but I hope this isn’t a new trend. I prefer them playing their crazy electro-rock, like when we saw them in Atlanta:

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