Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Who's got the biggest party in Atlanta?

There was a stir in my google group this week. Digitalism this and digitalism that. “It’s going to be the best show.” I tried to stay away. Payday is two long weeks ago. Rent is due next week. I need to stay away.

So last night I get a phone call from my friend Jorge. “Are you sure you aren’t going? Did you at least look at the Youtube links I sent you?” I had not. I need to stay away but curiosity got the best of me. I clicked on the link…

I know this band... I know this song... I LOVE THIS SONG!!!... I called Jorge back , “Come pick me up, I am going.”

This was my first Kissatlanta event. It was also my first trip to the Masquerade. We were early, very early. There were a dozen people in various corners with Death Metal blasting through the speakers. It literally felt like we in the rooms namesake, hell. As we sat in this strange atmosphere, I told Jorge, "It can only get better from here." Two hours later GunsNBombs was finishing a spirited garage/punk/trance inspired set. Then Digitalism took the stage for one of my favorite performances in the past year.

They walked up on two tables worth of equipment: Two microphones, electronic drum machine, a few labtops, several processors, several turntables and keyboards. There was a ton of music coming from this duo (Jens "Jence" Moelle and İsmail "Isi" Tüfekçi) from Germany. Everything was spot on from the soundboard, to the synced projected images, to the wonderfully mixed set. For over an hour they banged out track after track. By the time they finished with Pogo, the crowd was literally chanting for more. Here is digitalsim ending their set, live in Atlanta, enjoy:

Oh, and by the way, Digitalism has got the biggest party in Atlanta. I'll never get tired of them singing that in "Home Zone." Here is a 10 minute mix that starts with "Idealistic and mixes into Home Zone" You can see it here:

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