Saturday, March 22, 2008

Simian Mobile Disco in review

So March 19th has come and gone. The hang over and sleep deprivation is no longer effecting my motivation. The fog has cleared and these are the results:

I will be back for the “Unofficial Wednesday Night Hipster Dance Party” at MJQ. The resident DJ was playing some really great tracks as we were walking through the door from Justice, to Daft Punk,to Hot Chip, to MIA. From the time we arrived at 11pm, the place was starting to fill up. By the time the opening DJ Le Castle Vania started, the concourse was packed.

The vibe was good at MJQ. There was a nice diversity of people even though there were many Hipsters and overall the mood was rawkus. People started going nuts with Le Castle Vania interesting mix of “disco punk”. Then he played Snowden’s “Black Eyes” remix and the place went wild. I was saving my video for Simian Mobile Disco but I couldn’t resist. The only other time I heard this song was after Snowden played at Lenny’s Saturday Night Dance Party and I was blown away. If anyone knows where I can get my hand on this remix, I would love some info. Here is that moment:

We had to wait until 1am for Simian Mobile Disco. By that time, it was difficult to move in the underground sea of people. The great thing about the show is that most of the people there A) were there to see the group B) knew and recognized all the songs. Through out the set their was sporadic jumping and screaming all around us. It reminded me of a rock concert. It was vibe that I was not used to for a dj set. Here is a 10 minute clip of the start of their show. I’ll be back for the end in a day or so keep tuned.

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