Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Hundred in the Hands

These guys and gals from Brooklyn have to be one of my favorite finds in 2010. Not by any stretch are The Hundred in the Hands a new artist but they are new to me. They passed me by with as much music I digest every day; so they may very well be new to you also.

I strongly suggest you buy their self titled album off the Warp Record Label. It's good old fashion electro / rock goodness. Reminds me allot of the sounds of Ladyhawke and some of the more light hearted Ladytron. Great rhythm. Good vocals. Nice instrumentation and hooks that just won't get out of your head. I have owned the album for a few weeks now and I still must listen to it everyday. Sometimes I wonder why I continue to search and search for music and on days that I find bands like this; it all makes sense. Here are some bonus tunes from my soundcloud page. This is my Fiancée's favorite track off the album. She's got great taste...

The Hundred In the Hands - Dead Ending by smithblogsatlanta

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