Saturday, January 1, 2011

Jokers of the Scene bring in the New Year

Jokers of the Scene "Bright Lights, Big City" Mixtape/Video October 2009 by Jokers of the Scene

These first days of 2011 people will acting upon their resolutions. I sure hope that Jokers of the Scene haven't put away their club bangers for good in 2011 but for now I love the change. Jokers of the Scene have started out the new year with an entirely different sound then what I remember. Their newest mix is dark, minimal, and full of soundscapes...

I spent today in bed with a fever and the rain pounding on the windows. The dark and gloomy start of the new year was the perfect back drop for the Jokers of the Scene Mixtape released 10 days ago. At the time I had no idea about the history of this mix. Know that I know it just makes it more epic.

This mix is was played live on Toronto radio as the CN Tower was lite to the music. People could tune all over to watch and hear Jokers of the Scene literally play the city. Check out the live video stream to the mix below. This is some truly fantastic work.

Thomas Koner - Nuuk (Air)
Tim Hecker - Paragon Point
Dinamoe - The Green French One
M83 - Midnight Souls Still Remain
Telefon Tel Aviv - Mostly Translucent
Moderat - 3 Minutes of Nasty Silence
Radiohead - Treefingers
Nathan Fake - The Sky Was Pink (James Holden Remix)
Lcd Soundsystem - 45:33
Dj Hell - Hell's Kitchen (Playgroup Remix)
Boards of Canada - Corsair
Thomas Koner - Nuuk (Day)

Bright Lights, Big City - Ryan Stec - Jokers of the Scene Mix from Ryan Stec on Vimeo.

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