Thursday, January 20, 2011

We are now a Tumblr....

I really think traditional blogging is done. With the invention of twitter, facebook, and now tumblr it seems so stupid to have to go onto a computer to share knowledge with the world. At SBA we like to share music. Why can't I easily do that from my phone?

Many times I stumble upon something that I am either listening to or see away from my computer. A lot of the time I say to myself, "Myself, when you get home you are going to blog about that." Too many times this doesn't happen. So in comes Tumblr for the win. It gives me ability to be as active as I want at any time and anywhere. I am posting a new track everyday for you to hear. I am also trying to expand into other areas of pop culture too. You can follow me there -

This addy can also be added into to your reader for those that use google reader or similar products.

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