Saturday, May 2, 2009

Diplo Sleepwalks his way at Lenny's

Let me first start this off by saying that I love Diplo. The dude has some unbelievable spining skills. His ear for new music is hardly matched in the Dj Scene. But Last night both my girlfriend (seen him 2X in the last year) and I (seen him 1X in the last year) walked away disappointed. I have to admit the fist seven or eight songs were in a mix that I have never heard. Then he started pulling out "standards." Yes, the aragement of songs was really good when we heard them at Whirley Ball. Then again at The Masquerade. When I heard those same mixes again Lenny's I was literally calling the next song because I have heard the so many times before. One of them was going back as far as 06 in December when I saw him spin the Outkast Bombs over Baghdad to Le Tigre (From the Fabric Live). Toward the end of his set he stopped trying all together just cutting from one track to another. I am dissapointed because I know he can do better. The dude puts out quality podcasts on a weekly basis. Last week I found two unbelievable mixtapes with all new songs and mixes. With all this, why does he have to revert to spinning the same music live for year straight?

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