Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jon Hopkin & Grey's Anatomy

Okay, bear with me for a minute on this comparison. This idea came to me last night in the shower as I was listening to Jon Hopkins. Dr. Meredith Grey is the main character on ABC's Grey's Anatomy. Yes, I watch Grey's Anatomy but I digress. So Dr. Grey is the beautiful, caring, and sweet mannered doctor. But she proclaims to be "Dark and Twisty." She definitely has a morose side to her.

Jon Hopkins is Meredith Grey. His album Insides is absolutely stunning at times. Beautiful orchestra strings with melodic electronic layered synths. Then out of no where he pounds the listener with deep, dark, glitched out beats. So dark and so twisty. I love it. From song to song it is easy to get lost in this music. I find it so amazing that a week ago I had no idea that this man existed but now I find his music hard to go without. What a different seven days make...

Jon Hopkins - Insides

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