Friday, May 1, 2009

The Tape vs RQM

First and foremost, happy May everybody. The weather is finally starting to get toasty in Atlanta. The showers are coming and turning this dead and brown city green again.

I discovered a new band to start the month off on the right note. I found the Tape vs RQM in the electro section of emusic. They feel into the electro/hip category because there is a sick MC who appears on the tracks. The rest of the tracks range from Aphex Twins inspired R&B to female Electronic ballads. They best describe the act off their website:

"Originally entitled Black and Bruised: The Mixtape For Suicidal Lovers, Public Transport is deep blue on the sound spectrum. Like the previous The Tape vs RQM efforts it remains a subtle genre bender. The compositions swim fluidly between acoustic and electronic, between Hip Hop, Neo-Folk, and the endless shades of Rock, while a universe of IDM stutters, clicks, glitches, and rewinds forms the space for the heartbroken confessions of the featured vocalists. Back on vocalduty alongside RQM are the familiar voices of Malte Beckenbach and Sasha Perera of Jahcoozi, but also new timbres, that of Elle P and Ira. The emotional depth and the honesty found on this record is a rare occurrence in music these days."

Also check out their website for what looks to be a free sick mixtape. Downloading it will be on of the first things I do when I get home.



1. Wolfmother vs. The Tape vs. RQM - Scuffed Up Sneakers
2. Apparat feat. Raz Ohara - Holdon
(Chris de Luca vs Phon.O remix)
3. Nas - Hip Hop Is Dead
4. Foxy Brown feat. Pharrell Williams - Magnetic
5. 50weapons 001 - Game Over
6. Snoop Dogg - Psst!
7. Elle P - Tricks (Jahcoozi Remix)
8. The Tape vs RQM - 718
9. Santogold - Creator
10. Vetiver - You May Be Blue
11. Al Haca - Baby Blue
12. Mama Shamone - Over (Jahcoozi Remix)
13. Filewile feat. RQM - Damn (Jahcoozi Remix)
14. Mark Ronson - Toxic
15. Klaxons - Golden Skans (Sebastian Remix)
16. Grimetime Allstars - Jah Studio Jam
(Robot Koch`s Heavy Metal Chrome Tape Remix)

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